One Hundred and Sixty

Hat: Acessorize. Jumper: Rokit.

I am officially in love with this new hat. My best friend bought me it for Christmas, and she chose extremely well! She knows I live in hats of all kinds, and this is possibly my newest favourite ever(a close call with the trilby - however windy weather, the beanie won!) I haven't taken it off. This isn't even a lie. When I headed out last week, I even wore it to the pub! Classy right?

The photo is a bit of a perculiar one today, inside for starters and a bit childlike! I'm not out to tell you all my 6 resolutions I've made because a) they're pointless and b) I haven't even made any! I would never stick to them in the first place, nor do I want to tell myself that I shouldn't eat chocolate for a week, or should take  up the gym.. because in truth - I like chocolate. And I'd rather spend my money shopping than on a gym fee. HOWEVER, I have made a pact with myself (and informed Mama Mcfred to get on at me!) to take better care of myself. This means going to sleep earlier, instead of waiting up for littlebum to come home, knowing I have to be up in fair few hours. I will make sure I actually start eating dinners when I get home instead of a box of jaffa cakes. And I shall take myself to the doctors to find out what the hell is wrong with me instead of thinking I'm hardcore enough to just ignore it all.

And if by February I feel as fit as a fiddle, I don't yawn every 37 seconds and I have fresh food in the apartment.. then I can treat myself to a brand spanking new camera!

And if I haven't? I'll still get the camera anyway!

One Hundred and Sixty One

One Hundred and Fifty Nine