One Hundred and Sixty Six

Top: New Look. Slippers: Matalan

OH HAI half naked, hungover, weird leg pose Sunday. YEP, this is how I plan to spend my day today.. Basically, wearing very little except the mandatory slippers, hiding under my duvet, and fending off a hangover with any bad food I can find. Till littlebum comes home, where I shall pretend I have walked to Japan and back (shit.he reads this..)

My weekend with Zoeey D's doppleganger. If only I looked like CeCe... Sigh

1 -5: Wintery walks around the lake. 5: Takeaway wine in a cup thanks. 6: The gods of all gods..

I've possibly had one of the BEST weekends ever with little laura bumbum (must stop calling everyone somethingbum) and literally haven't stopped laughing all weekend. I feel like I want to say everything that we talked about, but you'd find us freaks. We spent yesterday walking around the lake, freezing off our little B sized boobies (or as I describe - fried eggs, with cocktail sticks holding them up.. You must agree?) and drinking plenty of takeaway tea. We cooked lots of food, she ate all my chocolate, and we watched the whole season of New Girl. Again. Then we went out and danced our sexual wibbly bums off, where we epically knee jived and sweated it out with the old folk. Finishing off with chips and cheese - NOT cheesy chips.

And ended it today, by racing to Mcdonalds, braless and in our slippers, where we found ourselves indulging in the floppy burgers and salty chips, sitting in the car park. What animals you say? Yes, we are. And then she departed swiftly, taking some of my clothes with her. And in return? I got the sweet wrappers!

And a 100 thank you notes ranging from 'thanks for letting me use this teatime mug' to 'thanks for the duvet'.

Man, I love this small sized, pretty hair, fit faced girl.

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