One Hundred and Sixty One

Knit: H&M. Shorts: Topshop. Scarf: New Look. Boots: Office.

The hedgehog has risen from bed. After my last post, about how I would start taking care of myself, I became ill! I've taken two days off work because basically I'm absolutely exhausted. I ended up sleeping for both days, and only just about had energy to eat food. I decided to get up today and get some fresh air. Got as far as getting dressed and fell back asleep.

So now I'm curled up on the sofa, with cocktail sticks in my eyes (not really) trying to stay awake so I sleep well tonight. I really don't know what is wrong with me. I know I'm lazy, but I never take time off work.. So I know something isn't quite right. Maybe I should fight those demons, and actually take a trip to the doctors.

These new booties that I have, I love. They may be a little big, but whatever, I wanted them! They were kindly given to me from Santa.. He knows me too well! And my amazing new (more for the collection) shorts! The scarf I am wearing, I bought for my BFF, and ended up buying it for myself this week because I loved the colours! Whether I'll wear it a lot is a different story!

I also joined Lookbook (this is a lie, I've been on it for a while..) So why not join me, or whatever it is you do on there! And finally, thanks for your lovely comments lately, I've been so slack on reading people's blogs.. But once I'm up to it again, I shall be leaving you all sexual love!

One Hundred and Sixty Two

One Hundred and Sixty