One Hundred and Sixty Five

Dress: Ever Ours. Belt: Primark. Boots: Unknown

Why hello pretty favourite new dress of mine... I can see this becoming a beautiful friendship, and I know you will never let me down. Together we will grow. And I shall try and wash you as much as possible, when I'm not wearing you or staring at your beautiful polka dot lace. Many thanks in advance.

And so this is my new dress, the one I mentioned about! It's from the beautiful Ever Ours shop, owned by the ever so lovely and beautiful herself, Kim. I couldn't believe how quick the dress came, after ordering it Monday night, it was sitting on my owl doormat Wednesday morning! I love the polka dot lace detail, it's possibly the most beautiful thing to look at, and the shape of this dress is amazing. I opted for a belt today just to pull it in a little bit more, however I'm sure I will wear it without. 

If you haven't checked out the shop, I really suggest you do head that way, you will be left £20 lighter (everything is under £20 - amazing!) and with a new bookmark to your computer. I possibly think this is my actually new favourite shop. Hurry up payday please, I have more dresses to romance.

And tonight, I get to romance my BFF for a whole week! HOORAY! It's been ages since I saw her, but she's heading up as I type (I should be cleaning.. Or making a pot of tea!) and I cannot wait to chill out with her, drink lots of tea, eat lots of food, go on winter walks, and discuss fat strapped bra's - Big fat no thanks.

Enjoy your weekend beautiful ladies.. Everything is so beautiful today!

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