I love you through sparks and shining dragons

Dress: Pussycat @ New Look. Bag: Matalan. Boots: Truffle. Hat: H&M Kids.

I always told myself I wasn't going to join the Allegra crew, thinking that by not being cool would make me cool. But when I eyed up the velvet beauts in Topshop, I began to think again. So why did I not purchase them I hear you wonder? I am not a poor student, yet I just couldn't afford the price tag that came with it, especially with the question "I'm just not sure how much I'd wear them".

But then, on a wonderful shopping trip in Leicester avec Mama Mcfred yesterday, I found these, just tucked away, in one of those little shops you'd normally dismiss! I tried them on, I just wanted to be cool. And I HAD to have them. Why so different you ask again? The extremely fantastic price tag of £15! And If I don't wear them all day everyday then SO be it! But for now.. I LOVE THEM!

Plus the bonus of buying these, means today I have had a right old food day! A lovely lunch with my GORGEOUS friends Jessicat and Juicy Lucie in the best farm shop going! Followed by a sexual dinner date with my other beautiful friend Carly

I love food too much. And my beautiful friends... This week is definitely becoming a favourite.

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