One Hundred and Forty Seven

Coat, Bag, Shoes: Primark

I really should be in bed right now, because however excited I may be, I don't know how my body is going to accept getting up at 4am tomorrow! Because, the time has come, where I'm off to the City of Love thanks to littlebum! It's my birthday on the Wednesday, so we get to have 3 days there. I am literally so excited, I keep weeing my pants. Obviously I don't reaaaally.

Everyone keeps asking me what do we want to see, where do we want to go? And I'm like.. Urm Eiffel Tower will do! That's how clueless I am! It'll just be nice, to get away, again, and spend littlebum's pennies.. I'm joking (or not!) It's also funny, how I'm finally living back in the UK, yet again, another year spent in France for my birthday! This time last year, I probably had a toothbrush in my hand, cleaning some stupid toys.. So YES I shall be prancing around Paris, like I'm some sort of celebrity. 

And at the rate it's going, I'll have to wear sunglasses to cover my baggy eyes, if I don't get to sleep soon!

Guess I should really start packing first? 3 pairs of shoes for 3 day's is allowed right?

PeeEss: Don't expect a wedding invite anytime soon. Littlebum has been FIRMLY noted that if he even DARES do anything, he WILL be shot. Although I don't own a gun. So instead, look at a soppy picture of us from last year in Tignes.

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