One Hundred and Forty Nine

Tee: Hero&Cape. Blazer: Nikka. Leggings: Primark. Loafers: Primark.

Apologies for the mid hair shake.. I really need to realise that I'm not in a L'Oreal advert nor will I ever be.

However, the hair is not the star of this post today.. it is in fact this beaut of a tee from Hero & Cape! I was a bit of a lucky lady, and actually won this - always a bonus! Thanks Niki! 

I chose this tee, because I am a sucker for Peter Pan collars and bows, and also as Sarah had designed this! I adore her wardrobe, her hair, and her CAT! Basically, I think I want to be her... So I thought if I choose this tee, I'm one step closer right?

I very rarely wear leggings on a daily basis, nor do I wear baggy tee's.. So basically this look was completely out of my comfort zone! But knowing I was only popping home to see the family, I thought no better chance than to sport the tee and leggings. I love the leggings, I still really do and when I received this tee, I kinda gave a little pathetic shriek (or maybe not) and realised this would be a perfect length to cover my Kim K butt! I think I could have gone for a smaller size tee for a nicer fit, but obviously food must have taken over my mind, making me order a baggier size... food baby? WHAT food baby?!

And the best part about this outfit, is that I couldn't find a white bra ANYWHERE in my apartment (I probably ate it once) and so I ended up wearing a vest.. and I must say, I have been MISSING out! Heaven.

I think I turned 63, not 23 this week!

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