One Hundred and Fifty

Blazer: Nikka. Tee: Topshop. Shorts: Primark. Boots: Primark

My apologies (once again) go to those affected by the lack of Spill it Sunday post last night! For once, I have been a right busy bee.. I don't think my legs have known this much movement! I ended up getting pretty wasted on Saturday night at a surprise 50th birthday party, which also resulted in a 4.30am bedtime - this REALLY doesn't happen!! So Sunday, after telling myself I felt alright, I went out with the folks for some nice lunch (a greasy sausage sandwich at that!) and adding a new addition to the littlebum/kfed household... a hamster! :-)

His name is Schmidt.. and I can hear you laugh already, do not fear he isn't German! We just chose this name, as it's our favourite characters name in New Girl. Plus it was love at first sight, when he pooped on me two minutes after holding him! Schmidt Shit..! I am in love.. Move over littlebum. Your time has come up!

Tonight I'm driving home again! For my cousins 21st birthday.. and obviously because there was food involved I just couldn't say no! I'm rocking out my new fit shorts that I got for my birthday.. they are totally replacing the tweed Primark ones! Least the other's get a chance to have a wash! 

One Hundred and Fifty One

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