One Hundred and Fifty Three

Blazer: River Island. Dress: Topshop. Shoes: Primark

I opted for a Christmassy photo today. One because it was raining so much and I didn't want to make you all cry with my wild wet hair. And two, because last night I felt EXTREMELY Christmassy. I'm not even joking, at like 1am I became all giddy like I was 4 years old. It felt like Christmas eve, and I genuinly felt like a child who wanted to secretly see Santa coming in to the room to see if I was sleeping. That's how excited I was!

I finally got everything finished! Hooray. And as much as I leave everything to the last minute, I've bloody loved it.. Man I've been missing out for all these years! Sadly these presents aren't for us! Which sucks a lot.

Today, I purchased my New Years Eve outfit. I debated over Where's Wally, an air hostess, or a cheerleader. But then I braved it.. And decided to do Jessie J. Yep. Full on CATSUIT and black wig too! I'm not going to lie but I'm hugely excited to wear the wig. I love fringe's and short hair, but I get bored easily.. So the wig is a great investment! As for the catsuit... I cannot believe I'm, actually going to wear it. Worst time of the year too, after all the chocolates and alcohol! I'll look more like a pregnant Scary Spice! But nonetheless, I'm tissue papering up my snowboarding boot as a plaster cast, and wearing one heel too! Full on Jessie J style! I just hope people guess who I am! I'll also be dating Aladdin for the night!

Now I must go and get myself baking cakes for work! I stupidly offered! I haven't baked in forever.. and to be quite honest, I really cannot be bothered! Where's the genie in the lamp when you need him?

One Hundred and Fifty Four

Spill it Sunday #5