One Hundred and Fifty Seven

Coat: H&M. Wedges: Office.

Tonight I'm drowning my sorrows in a dairy milk tray ALL to myself. And it's amazing.

 Back to work tomorrow, but thankfully only two days. Two days of sticking post it notes around my computer screen, pushing my chair up and down, drinking endless cups of mocha, and eating a whole bag of humbugs. The humbugs are always a bitch though.. I can't stop, but it's not good for the tummy! Funny though.

I know this coat has popped up a few times in photos' but I hadn't actually shown it in all it's glory! Sadly I am not naked underneath (I wish I was!) but I now adore the length. I was always unsure, but when I totter to work every morning I feel a right grown up! And I've had many compliments on it! Plus wearing my wedges as per! These cost quite an armful, so basically I'm making the most of it right?!

The last photo was my presents. When I unpacked the bags from the car, I put them under the tree.. and I'm not exactly sure why! Now I don't know where to put them! If you're wondering about the GIGANTIC pants then do not fear... these aren't serious.. I know my ass is big, but I'm not THAT big! I was worried I wouldn't get any presents as I hadn't asked for anything.. So Papa G made me a bag up of crap/funny/weird things! Now what am I going to do with them?!! Plus lot's of girly bits and bobs, including a gorgeous dress and CUTLERY! Ha. The fun things you get when you have your own place! I also realised I had about 11 boxes of chocolate.. So I guess there are benefits to being home alone most nights! 

I'm really excited for New Year's Eve now. Especially since plan's are coming into place! Although, Jessie J outfit wasn't going to well. Firstly it was getting over the belly on show, then the situation of camel toe, and to top it off, the wig just completely turned me into a fat prostitute! SO instead, I'm opting for black swan! Just hoping my humungous tutu arrives tomorrow! Then it's time to make some vodka jelly, and do lots of gay party decorations! I cannot wait. 

Bathroom floor, I hope you're ready for me sleeping on you.

What are you all doing for New Years Eve? Hope you're not staying in! Or I'll invite you to mine!

Doesn't time fly..

One Hundred and Fifty Six