One Hundred and Fifty One

Dress: Topshop. Hairtie: DIY. Shoes: New Look.

I really shouldn't even be in this dress, let alone posting a picture of it. But my love for it, is that strong I need to show it off, and feel like a little child.. And more so look like one too. I blame the hairtie!

I wanted this dress for longer than I've ever wanted anything before (OK this may be a slight exagerration.. But you get my situation!) And I'm one of those people who leave things till the last minute.. Resulting in the dress going out of sale! I emailed possibly 16 of my season friends up and down the country, searching for this dress! No luck.. except a size 12 which I wanted, but my cousin refused as it would drown me (I was thinking along the lines of MORE food!)

Eventually, two weeks ago.. I found it on Ebay (god loves you Ebay!) and emailed the seller, offering her a stoooopid price. I won. I kissed her (I would have done!) and she posted it to me. Although, I used the fib that I wanted this dress for my Mama's 50th Black and white party.. So she won't let me wear it...

Now I just need to make a new excuse TO wear it right now!

One Hundred and Fifty Two

One Hundred and Fifty