One Hundred and Fifty Four

Dress: Forever21. Boots: Primark.

This dress is pretty old, but with it looking Christmas(ish) I decided to get it back out! It used to be one of my favourites, as I loved how it shaped in at the waist and was the perfect length. But since buying it over a year and a half ago, my boobies grew, and so with the silky material, they look like they're about to burst the dress! And I'm not exactly big boobied.

So after buying the catsuit (really?!) I went and binged on jaffa cakes, cupcakes and crisps. Probably not really ideal when I need to look like Slim McJim. But I suppose I have 4 days after Christmas to do some form of exercise? Pah ALRIGHT!

I have to pack up my car tonight ready for Friday. I have 54857 presents, a huge suitcase (4 days equals a HUGE amount of underwear! And seriously, am I the only girl who packs a ridiculous amount of knickers whenever I'm going away?) and not only do I have to pack for myself, but also for little Schmidt! He's messier and lazier than ME! He also eat's in bed. Like me. And in the hope of packing up my car, I hope my car tax replacement comes or I'm screwed on that motorway! 

Best not watch any movies tonight, I need to save my tears for the police officers!

PeeEss. Dearest apologies go out to those who search camel penis and come across my blog (8 times to be precise) I'm deeply sorry that I do not cater photographs of camel penis's. However I hope my face resembles it enough.

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