One Hundred and Fifty Five

Dress: Republic.

The time has come. My bags are packed and I'm heading home! I cannot wait, like literally! I'm going to eat lots, sleep lots and spend as much time with my family as possible! I'm definitely feeling like the John Lewis kid at the moment.. itching to give my presents out. Plus I'm a real bad snooper, and guessing everything I've got! Oopsie! And basically, if you're wondering why I'm so so excited then this is where I spent the last 4 Christmas'!

1: Christmas day. Hello concussion! 2: Christmas eve: The people who made Christmas.

As much as I loved spending it with these people, and getting concussion on Christmas day (people, wear your helmet's out riding!) It's just such a nice feeling to be with family. I think I had blocked out how much I missed it. And now my New Years resolutions are to NEVER be away from home at Christmas again. Ever.

I hope you all have an absolutely FANTASTIC Christmas day, get everything you asked for and more, and really appreciate the day that you spend with your loved ones. Because I know I will!

See you on the elasticated waistband side.

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