One Hundred and Twenty Eight

Dress: Primark. Leather Jacket: New Look. Boots: Primark.

Popping on a very summery girly dress, in the hope that today will be a better day! I had a really rubbish day yesterday and it didn't help that my blackberry broke, or that I couldn't get Gossip Girl on the net! Sad times. So hopefully today WILL be better...

I wrote a huge post last night, about the 'blogging world' with it's bitchy circles, people asking you to follow them, and not reading the content... But I'm really unsure whether to post it or not. I scheduled it for today, but then at the last minute stopped it. I don't want it to come across in the wrong way, but then at the same time this is MY blog where I can post what I want... Hmm maybe one day I'll post it. But for now I feel better just having written it down. 

Off to the cinema tonight, not really sure what we're going to see.. But it didn't look interesting. I'm literally going for all the company, and obviously the popcorn/sweets/and cup of teas! Funny? But oh so true...

One Hundred and Twenty Nine

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