One Hundred and Thirty Six

Blazer: Nikka. Lace top: Topshop. Blouse: Internacionale. Hat: H&M Kids. Shorts: Primark. Bag: Primark

Basically, call me a skank. Or the sameshortsgirl. Because these have  totally taken over my blog/life/world/wardrobe. I live in them. I wish I could declare that I spent hundreds of pounds on them, hence why I'm wearing them. But no. A simple £12 many months ago. Maybe I should have bought two? However, Primark have officially upped there game with shorts. I found a beautiful pair that I'm trying to hunt down in my size.. Rust colour with cute black bows on! They WILL be mine! I always wear this blazer and blouse and top too. Like I said, I'm a skank. Actually, I'm just normal (so I like to think!) and this outfit is currently my: I can throw it all on, feel terrible but attempt to look half decent (and get away with being a man for the day!) outfit. As for the hat, I won't take it off! Start calling me Olly Murs!

This weekend, after my epically lazy Saturday where I got up as it got dark and just ate my way through the house, I went shopping in the hope of buying all my Christmas presents. I came home with 6 bags, an Iphone (for littlebum.. such a jealous cow!), a christmas tree, a birthday present, plenty of clothes between littlebum and myself, and no Christmas presents what so ever! Oops. Anywayz, I thought Santa's elves sorted that?

I've been feeling a bit poop this week, pretty run down, and some form of disease is trying to win me over. I refuse to let it get the better of me, but I did however finally cave in to some medicine (I NEVER take medicine!) Also, I told myself to stop eating so much of that yummy food (some call it unhealthy?) like 36 jaffa cakes in one sitting, or a tub of ice cream.. and so last night littlebum kindly cooked us a proper dinner. It was nice. Then we fell asleep. Under the blanket. As per usual.

That's what happens in the McHounslow retirement home. At least it doesn't smell of wee.

NOTE: Daily Mail if you're reading, I would just like to clarify that I am NOT pregnant. I know you like to assume as soon as you see a picture of someone with a slight round belly (Ie my middle picture) but honestly, it's just a stash of chocolate/sweets/icecream/cake/biscuits. I can assure you, I am working on fixing this...

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