One Hundred and Thirty Seven

Blouse: Primark. Leggings: Primark. Heels: New Look.

I know I say I'm strange all the time. But I really am. I think leggings are comfy, yet I never wear them. I'm really funny about them. I'll only wear a top that covers the top half of my thighs (you know, the bit where you thighs join together.. unless your super slim and have a gap inbetween - then I am jealous!) and at least half my bum. So in the end, I pretty much gave up.

But then, I found this pair in Primark. I stared at them, pretty much like a dog when they're awaiting food. That was me. No lie. For a good 10 minutes. I tried them on, and I actually really liked them. And I allowed myself to buy them, using the excuse it was something different. Because it was. They're not like your average pair, they have a little ruffle kinda pattern on. I was so excited to pop them on with heels in the hope my legs looked slimmer and longer (we can all dream) but the problem occured again. WHAT to wear it with...

I ended up wearing my Mama Mcfred's blouse, which I love but I never like how I look in it. I am awaiting the BFF to bring me a selection of tops from Mama Mcfred's wardrobe in the hope something will work against these leggings! But I'm still so shocked at the fact that I'm even wearing them! And by the pictures, I cannot stop looking at the either. I feel like Beyonce! However, I dance like Shakira.

This week has flown by it's unreal, and I cannot wait for the weekend to see the BFF, and paint the town every colour (I guarantee we'll be in bed by 9pm!) Also my bank account HATES littlebum and I for spending a LOT of money in Asda today on pretty much the whole shop.. well definitely the wines and chocolate aisles! 

Christmas I really am excited to be back with you after five years, but seriously, why are you so expensive?

My apologies go out to all those affected by the state of my hair today. I rarely brush it, and this weather thinks it's funny to ruin it after spending time straightening it... What a bitch!

PeeePeeeEss.. Check out MyStreetChic. I'm doing a little interview on there.!

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