One Hundred and Thirty Nine

Blazer: Nikka. Top: Topshop. Skirt: H&M. Shoes: Primark.

I'm assuming there was something exciting on the floor today, hence the head down shots? Although I couldn't tell you what! SOZZA! My hair is also slightly running on par with the baby photo's in my last post! And apparently you lot thought I was a cute baby? Maybe you should have been at my school, then I wouldn't have been bullied and called Timmy Mallot (Mama Mcfred and Papa G called me that!!)

I love love LOVE this new skirt, although it has joined the toothpaste crew too! The colour is just so lovely, and the pleats make me feel like a lady! I like the waistband (and opted for a size bigger so I could eat more!)  and the length. Definitely worth getting! I haven't taken it off.. It's replaced the shorts this week! 

I'm thinking about doing the boyfriend tag with littlebum.. He's up for it, but I'm not really sure though! What dya think? Would you like to see it.. Or shall we leave the vomming for hangovers?

Cannot wait to finish work tonight, so I can roll home (yes roll.. because I cannot stop eating) and climb into bed with chocolate, where I plan to stay till tomorrow morning! I am definitely lacking sleep now, after my 5am wakeup on Saturday evening whilst babysitting! I cried a little. So I'm allowed to be lazy today right?

One Hundred and Fourty

One Hundred and Thirty Seven