One Hundred and Forty Three

Coat: Primark. Hat: H&M.

For once, I actually look (and felt) pretty warm in this photo! The coat is definitely a warm one, if a little difficult to wear. So what better way, than to take it away to the countryside. Basically. I am one of the most unpractical people ever! I tottered around the muddy tracks in heeled boots, with my berets and bowler hats, whilst everyone else had joggers and converse on. Not me. I just looked like a tit. At least it amused the farmers...

Nonetheless, this weekend was different. After an epic four hour drive, and half hour of this spent on a county lane thinner than my ass, in the pitch black (pretty scary!) we arrived in our cute little cabin! It was so lovely to chill out, get drunk, wake up when we wanted and potter around the oh so quaint villages! I actually filmed quite a bit of the weekend, so if I can work my non existant technical fingers, maybe I shall blog this (don't hold out hope!) But for now, here's a few snapshots..

Also, as you can tell littlebum didn't kill me! HOORAY! It was actually a really nice weekend away with him, and then tonight after we did the food shopping for the 5000 (we have my family and his up this weekend!) we decided we'd put up the Christmas tree! Our excuse is, that it's our first Christmas in our apartment, plus we won't get the chance to do this together unless it's 1am in the week! And after the way I lost my interest 5 minutes after the tree going up, it's a good job we did it now! And now, littlebum wants to snuggle down and watch Love Actually.. He's definitely the woman in the relationship! But who am I too complain!

Hope you all had a lovely weekend.

One Hundred and Forty Four

Spill it Sunday #3