One Hundred and Forty One

Hat: New Look. Coat: Primark.

As you read this, I'm possibly doing one of two things. Either eating breakfast, and literally eating for 4 people. Or, singing exceptionally loud whilst driving somewhere down South. Or West. I'm not too sure (let's hope I do at the time!) I am on my way somewhere.. I wish I knew where, for a weekend away with friends. Along with my Kigu in my bag!

I'm so excited, and luckily the birthday friend won't be reading this (he's driving too!) we're doing a murder mystery on the Friday night when we get to our little chalet! Littlebum and I planned it all, and chose all the characters.. So it should be a right old giggle! I remember doing one of these games when I was 13 and being so uncool, and dressing so uncool. At least now I can (hopefully) look a little more classier! Plus I love dress up anyway! You can go all out.. Maybe I'll even pop on some lipstick!

I hope you all have a super weekend, whether your a wild creature who drinks and come's home at the time I normally go to sleep, or if you're having a super snug night in watching trashy TV with a lot of food. 

I know which one I'd choose!

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