One Hundred and Twenty

Knit, Blouse, Shorts, Bag & Boots: Primark.

LOLZ at the fact I'm basically a walking Primark today! These were all purchases in the Summer (because I'm weird like that) and the blouse is Mama Mcfred's which I STILL haven't returned. OOPS! I love popping home every few weeks, and seeing what's in her wardrobe that I can steal! And then just accidentally forget to bring them back (I bet she'll be reading this and writing a list of things I have stolen now!) To be fair, my mum is a lot cooler than me. She buys the expensive stuff. And I wear it.

I wore this to go food shopping.. classy right? Pottering around the supermarket in these heeled boots was not really a good idea, although a laugh for everyone else shopping! And myself and Matthew, have agreed that every time we go shopping now, we only get a basket.. it saves us buying so many things!! WINNER! Maybe for clothes shopping I should leave my bank card at home?

Or not!

I pulled my false nails off today. I say pulled, I struggled, with tears and a little tantrum because I COULDN'T get them off! I didn't realise how difficult they were! I was literally unable to do much.. This is partly because I'm retarded anyway, so adding false nails to my everday life wasn't going to be easy! So after my trauma, I won 2 free tickets to LDN Freeze Fest! I'm extremely EXCITED! Because I've never ever in my life won anything before. Except a drawing contest. That was between me and my cat...  I was so surprised and happy because I couldn't afford to go so maybe they felt sorry for me, or they just wanted someone cool in the audience. LOLZ I'm joking. Seriously, I'm not cool. Either way, I get to wear my DC's! And my YOKI beanie! YEAH

Lastly, thinking of doing a Q&A page on my blogadoodle for people to get to know me better. Whatcha think? If you have a question you'd like to know, put it in a comment and I'll post my answer's in the week! Literally ask me anything! And if your question is 'do I pick my nose?'

Then YES. I do. Gross right.

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