One Hundred and Twenty Three

Blazer: Nikka. Blouse: New Look. Shorts: Primark. Bag: Primark. Boots: Primark.

I know.. it's the shorts again! But they're so easy to throw on with a blouse, and my blazer! Although I've told myself, I'd love to find a blazer to match it! I just love dressing like a boy. Yet hate it if someone mistakes me for a boy! And I really don't know why I thought wearing heeled boots was a good idea because my oh my MY FEET HURT! I took my car for it's MOT and whilst waiting I pottered around this town, and myself and littlebum got lost, but luckily getting lost found us a quaint little coffee shop where we enjoyed a yummy breakfast and a nice warm cup o tea! My car failed, however did need repair for it to pass.. So with a few nights working on the street (I'm joking!) I managed to make it better again! And I cannot thank the family friend ENOUGH who literally gave me a HUGE discount! I am definitely going to have to bake some cakes now!

Funnily enough, you'll be pleased to hear that today I'm not in my Kigu! The last few days that I've had it, I've worn it religiously.. but the problem when I wear it is that time goes mega quickly.. and I find that it's 3 hours later. It makes me fall asleep, because it's way too snug! But it's oh so pretty!

Tonight I'm babysitting for a family friend, so X Factor is on the cards, with loads of food to keep me company.. and word on the street is that they have a cat! Best remember to take a big bag so I can take it home with me when finished!

Hope you're having a lovely weekend with the beautiful Autumn Sunshine.

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