One Hundred and Twenty Seven

Knit: Primark. Blouse: Topshop. Camel Pants: Zara. Bag: Primark. Heels: New Look.

OK. SO THIS IS KINDA A BIG DEAL.. I'M WEARING TROUSERS. Basically.. You NEVER see me in trousers. Maybe that's because I don't own any. Except this pair (a very creasy, penis shaped pair) And today I was like 'you know what, I'm gonna wear them'. So I did. With some heels. I don't know why... I'd like to say that it's because I'm practising for my new office job so I can actually move and not be like 'could you just photocopy this for me? I kinda have sore feet?'. IMAGINE! And so this is why I am putting my feet through hell this week, because I very rarely wear heels! And they did me proud pottering around the vintage Emporium today avec littlebum! I did then race through the front door trying to locate my slippers!

Obviously, I also wear this knit an awful lot too (like here, here and here) it's definitely my Rachel Berry jumper... I know that Jo will laugh at this because she thinks I look like Rachel (along with the other 123 people). I'd like to hope my nose isn't that big.. However I do wish I could sing like her.. What do you think? 

I'm getting pretty nervous now about starting my new job. I have a week left at my old job, then it's straight in to the big world of paperwork, phone calls and meetings. Do they realise I'm as thick as the thickest pair of tights you probably own? Like I genuinly get my G's and J's so mixed up, I break computers (and printers!) and lose pretty much.everything.I.own! Either I will become clever again, or they'll assign me photocopier duties! Could be fun!

Time to go make a caramel latte, and eat the rest of my cheesestrings and whatever else I can find in this place! Happy Halloween kids who love to scare. Trick or treaters can get lost.. I'm eating the sweets!

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