One Hundred and Twenty One

Dress: Topshop. Knit: H&M. Scarf: Primark. Boots: New Look.

Oh look, it's the girl in the knit again. Yep that's me. And even little bum (Matthew) said to me today "you have worn this jumper all week you smelly tramp". Well my love, that is how I ROLL! Also, wearing my birthday dress today. It's not my birthday incase your wondering. It's in December. Yes I brought it to wear in Paris. But urm.. it appears to have made an appearance! Oopsie!

I'm not really a scarf kinda person AT ALL. I say this I have like 8 lurking in my wardrobe. I buy them because they look nice. Or have a nice pattern. Even though I know I won't wear them. I don't know what it is. When I look at myself in pictures with one, it makes me look neckless. Not necklace. NeckLESS. I know I have a neck I do. But something about it. Or maybe I just am styling it wrong? But many ways can you wear a scarf? Besides as a top. (Don't worry.. I totally HAVEN'T done this!)

So the postman made me a very happy lady today, my Kigu came! And I immediately popped it on. I feel incredible. Especially because I can't be a real cat, so I have to make do with being a pretend one! It's ever so cosy, and one size fits all. I love how it gives me a huge crotch, literally below my knees. Helps me hide my penis I suppose. LOLZ, I'm joking! Trust me, if you don't have one.. GET ONE! A Kigu, not a penis!

Now I'm off to have an argument with the sun, I mean I love it that it's sunny because it makes Autumn look so pretty, BUT waking up in the morning and giving off the impression it's gonna be a hot day is totally NOT cool! Although, maybe I'm just the retard who should learn to wrap up warmer...

One Hundred and Twenty Two

One Hundred and Twenty