One Hundred and Twenty Four

Coat: Primark (no lie.. 6 years old!) FAUX fur stole: H&M (Part of coat)

Today has been ever so lovely. My wonderful Mama Mcfred and her neighbour came to visit me, so we had a lovely girly day of shopping and coffee and a walk around the lake. I hated window shopping.. I still haven't really learnt the concept of it. If I see something, I think I have to have it there and then. Hence why I always have no money! However, my mother (and father.. he is yet to know!) offered to buy me a new coat for my birthday (not the coat shown above!) I'd seen it a few weeks ago, and fell in LOVE with it, and the colour is absolutely gorgeous. I opted for the rust red! I really like the style of it, coming in at the waist, and it's length (so this means I can wear nothing underneath! JOKES!) Although, I'm not allowed to have it till the week before my birthday, ready for Paris. So obviously, my Mama Mcfred thinks it's OK for me to get pneumonia (this wouldn't be the first time!) And upon her leaving my flat with the bag, I quickly sneaked out the FAUX fur stole! Haha! I also was treated to a maxi skirt! YES A MAXI SKIRT! I had said I'd like one for Paris and in River Island I found one. I was a little unsure at first, but actually it fitted me a dream. It was a little loose... but that's ALWAYS the best way! I can eat more then! Hurray! Definitely will be wearing it this week.. I'm excited!

Pretty tired this week, literally I've done is work. Eat. Sleep. Eat. Eat. Sleep. Eat. Sleep. I need to man up and stop drinking so much hot chocolate in my slippers! What an OAP I am! Best get packing for a care home...

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