One Hundred and Twenty Five

Dress: Primark. Skirt: Topshop. Boots: Primark.

Hola! I would love to have an amazing excuse as to why I didn't post this week. But in truth, I just ate and slept all week! I told you. I live a fun life! I have spent everyday of this week in my Kigu. With a huge bowl of trifle, popcorn, ice cream and whatever else I can find, and some trashy TV. That's my excuse.

Anyway, today I finally got my ass back in gear and headed out for a walk avec Queen C (other's call her Chrissy!) because it was oh such beautiful weather, and with littlebum working I had noone to take my photos. Boo such a hard life! So, Queen C took me to these woods, and it was mega LOLZ. I was in heels. And the ditch was incredible. One slip, and I was a gonner. Luckily with a penguin walk I survived (can you tell!) And we got some beautiful shots..

Obviously, you can tell this place has a pretty insane name right?! And to be fair, we didn't exactly help the name out because we both got half naked to top swap. Thankfully, nobody was around.. Or so we'd like to think! If someone was watching, they must have been a very happy man! And anyway, I love being semi naked!

I love this skirt, it's one of my all time favourites. With the colour, and the fact it doesn't make my ass look like it could take over the world. Although, I don't know if anyone finds that with Topshop, their zips sometimes stick? And before you say it, NO it's not too tight for me, and I'm just being a fatbitch. I find this with ANY Topshop item! I literally spent 20 minutes this morning, trying to do the last bit up of it. THAT is dedication right? Yet, I haven't quite decided just HOW I'm going to get out of it later...

Tomorrow is exciting! I am off to Freeze Festival! Whoop. I have my Kigu and Yoki hat ready! I cannot seem to hunt down a fannypack though! So look's like I'll be rocking my stuff out in my socks, just like old times! I have told myself I WILL NOT get wasted 10 minutes after being there, nor will I get taken home early and miss the music! We shall see. We shall see! But first I need to FIND my tickets.. I'm sure they're around here SOMEWHERE.....

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