One Hundred and Seventeen

Knit: Charity Shop. Blouse: Internacionale. Skirt: Matalan. Boots: Primark. Clutch: Topshop

Oh how I love this knit. I really do. And even more so with the fact it cost me a mere £3. But there's just one teeeny tiny problem. And I did say this would happen... It just doesn't keep me warm! I mean, how can it even call itself a jumper? It's short sleeved! I tried the long sleeved top underneath, but that made me look like I was mourning somebody, so I had to brave the bare arm just for another touch of colour! I love how snug it is, and the thickness, the colour and the crop. I just wish it had some arms. 

I wonder what the designer thought when thinking this knit.. "today, we're taking jumpers to the next level. We're cutting the sleeves making them the most pointless garment in the entire world." Well my friend. You succeeded. And I fell for it! But I guess with fashion, as they say in life.. No pain no gain. 

Hence why I popped on some heeled boots today!

One Hundred and Eighteen

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