One Hundred and Eighteen

Knit: H&M. Blouse: Topshop. Skirt: Primark. Bag: H&M. Boots: New Look.

Wearing my Sunday best on a Saturday today! Considering I woke up at silly o clock, and then found myself napping till 2pm, I've actually got quite a few things done. OK this is kinda a lie, I literally just walked to view a house today and then strolled back through the woods for some blog posts (and some smushy couple ones!) I chose my comfort clothes to wear.. I love this skirt way too much and this knit is extremely cosy! I find myself dressing very Rachel Berry these days! I seem to have ditched the dresses, in favour for skirts, blouses and knits! And of course my trusty boots.. Maybe I should buy myself some newbies?!

So, myself and Mattchew, also known as littlebum, went to visit a house today. Oh how it was adorable! We love our little flat we really do, however we just want to be cat parents. So much. Hence why we're looking at new places. This house was ever so quaint. It was 3 storey's and perfect. It didn't have a garden which is a downside for us, and we'd have to pay for a parking permit.. But we loved it. All we can do, is wait and see if it'll be available in less than two months! But for now, I can just nosey at everyone else's places! I LOVE house hunting!

Maybe I should just live in the woods with a tent?

Yesterday, I became a bit more of a lady.. I tried for the first time, false nails! Literally was the funniest thing ever. I'm getting used to them now, although I literally cannot type on my BB, and putting my hair up (not that I ever do) is beyond hilarious trying to watch! However, this now means I can use the excuse "I can't do anything.. my nails!" I really don't know how you girls manage to wear them.. I swear I was born a man... I've always said this!

Tonight, I'm heading out for a delicious dinner at Matt's restaurant, with his family. I keep telling myself I won't drink because I'll probably end up dancing on the table in front of them. Either that or spewing in their faces. Gross right? Welcome to my world! Would you still like to me by friend?

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