One Hundred and Sixteen

Dress: New Look. Collar top: Topshop. Boots: Primark.

People take themselves way to seriously. Not me. I am the most idiotic, retarded person you'll ever know and meet. Hence the stupid pictures. I love this dress, oh I really do. It makes me want to get my peace sign on and my high heeled knee boots (it's OK I really don't own these...) and pretend I live in the 60's. But something about it annoys me. I think it's because it doesn't have any shape. But I'm a funny one, I love tight fitting clothes, but then I also like baggy clothes.. and for me this is just the inbetween kind. It's not baggy enough for me to eat the whole house and noone would know. But it's not tight fitting so that it would STOP me eating food. Instead I just look... 'frumpy'. Well, I don't. But you know, it's strange. However I LOVE the colour, and whether I look a frump, flump or flabby I couldn't care less and I'll be wearing this.. and pretending I'm a spice girl. GIRL POWER DUDE!

One Hundred and Seventeen

One Hundred and Fifteen