One Hundred

 Meet the new addition to the family. Bear. Tonight as I waited excitedly to see the parent's, I was VERY shocked when they finally arrived and I opened the door with my mum standing there saying "Now please don't cry". And before I could do anything, I cried. I looked down, and she was holding the smallest and most fluffiest kittens I think I've ever seen. And I've seen some cats in my time. Ever since I was a young one I have always known for their to be a cat in the house. Losing our third cat was one of the saddest things that happened to me. And two year's later, time had gone on and we hadn't had another. From recently moving out, myself and Matt debated a cat, to keep me company. But unfortunately the landlord declined.

So when I saw this little face staring up at me, I literally melted. I took him from my mum STRAIGHT away and could have squeezed it to death, because it was that adorable! They had just picked it up from down our way and knew that I'd want to see it. Equipped with a little food bag and a litter tray, he was here to visit for a few hours. At first, he was in and out of everything! Then he had a real power nap of about 4 minutes before following me to the fridge (after drinking my orange juice!) He is literally epically fluffly and even has fur coming out of his ears.. Just like a true old man style! Hence his name Bear!

As soon as my parent's left and I closed the door.. I honestly burst into tears. I may seem a wet blanket, I know I am a wet blanket. But more than anything in life would I love for a kitten right now in our house. It would have the best time ever! I'd probably even let it in the shower with me! However, about my needs aside, I'm also thoroughly glad my parents finally decided to get one again after 18 months of attempted moving house! I know this kitten is going to have a whale of a time.. I hope he like's pigeons! Because I'm sure my dad won't want to say goodbye to the fat pigeons in the back garden!

Apologies for the picture quality. I had no time to grab my camera.. I was too excited!

One Hundred and One

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