One Hundred and Two

Dress: Boutique. Cardigan: Topshop. Boots: New Look. Coat: Primark.

Dear Mr weather. I really disliked you today. I knew it was a little cold, but obviously I don't own trousers so you knew a dress is all I had. Nonetheless, I topped it with a cardigan thinking it was just cold because it was stupidly early. Even after a few hours it was still a little chilly.. and whilst out on a walk (and an epic conker collecting!) I froze even more, so opted for my knit jumper. After lunch I ended up popping home to grab my big faux fur coat because I was shivering. And then what did you do? You made the sun come out! Seriously? You need to make up your mind whether you're hot or cold you know?! Yours angrily, Katy.

Besides the weather being a total bore, I am finding it extremely difficult to get up in the mornings! Maybe because it's so cold. But this wouldn't normally bother me, especially after being used to it for many years in colder climates! I reckon I've just turned into a blouse! And so, with the day like today, I raced home and embraced my slippers, a nice cuppa tea and urm my big list of things to do. That I haven't done...

One Hundred and Three

One Hundred and One