One Hundred and Three

Jumper: H&M

I feel absolutely wacked today! Hooray that it's Friday tomorrow, ready for another lazy weekend. I won't lie to you, I'm a regular at this! Probably because I'm a loner at the weekend, what with the boyf working ALL the time and still being in a new city so not knowing that many cool kids! Actually I lie, someone totally wanted to be my new BFF today. At the school gates. He was 60+ years and wearing socks and sandals (I know right) BUT I thought I'd give him the benefit of the doubt... And then his opening line was "Oh, that tree over there is dead.. I never knew that" Our friendship was short lived. 

Tonight, I finished the beauty of a cake that I made for my real BFF, Laura, who is coming to visit a la weekendo! To be fair, Matt did majority of the decorating.. I am not the icing sugar queen, I always leave that to Chrissy! BUT, after a cuppa tea, some stressed faces and a very messy kitchen.. we created a masterpiece. So we think! I won't be posting it YET incase she read's this (and yes I did however upload it to my twitter...!) but I'll show you once she's seen it. I'm literally gonna BEG her to take it home to eat, I cannot face any kinda cupcake anymore. Shame! I used to be a cupcake whore.

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