One Hundred and Ten

Blouse: Topshop. Shorts: New Look. Sandals: Peacocks. Bag: H&M

Hello Friday! And hello very sweaty day today. However, I WILL NOT complain about it being hot. I need to top up my glow (i'm definitely lacking lately.!) and I also will not complain that it's the weekend! Whoop. Which means, I am heading home, for fun with the family, friends and most definitely the kitty! I told myself I would get up mega early so I can spend the whole day doing something productive with Mama McFred. (I bet I sleep in!) Hmm, but tomorrow is payday. So this will probably equal my money going straight away! And I always seem to be with Mama Mcfred on payday. And she always takes me shopping. MUST stop seeing her on payday! Or at least learn to stay in and knit.

As today was such a glorious day, I headed to the park to feed the ducks and what not, I took a few snaps...

I know, I have the WORST nails in the world. But please don't even mention them, I get it ALL the time from the folks! I just LOVE this colour! It make's them a little better. I am a biter. Yes. Deal with it.

Now I must hop,skip run before Queen C get's on my case about pottering around in my bra and knoshers and not actually being ready to head out for a few beverages! Eep. This will NOT end messy. This will NOT end messy...

Best get the bathroom prepared.

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