One Hundred and Seven

Knit:Charity shop. Skirt: Topshop. Boots: New Look.

I picked up this beaut of a jumper in a charity shop for three squid today! And thankfully my purse could stretch to it... So all was well! I love the colour of it, and it's pretty thick and snug. The only downside is the short sleeve's (like seriously who wear's short sleeved jumpers?!) But I just couldn't resist,and hopefully I'll be able to wear it in the Winter. I know I'll probably be crying when it's mega cold!! I also finally picked up the beautiful River Island dress,and got it cheaper! It was the last one in a small size but had a slight snag on it.. The gentleman at the till tried to send me to their website, but I refused and said it was an urgent purchase (pah!) So he gave me £10 off! Which to be fair, is pretty amazing considering you normally get like £1 off for a rip. So I walked out of there extremely happy! I don't think my purse was though! Actually, I could do with a new one... Plus I'm totally splurging on these beautiful boots come payday! They will be perfect for Paris. And at least I'll be able to walk around in them all day and not be hobbling around!

I also love how greasy my hair is! I'm one of those girls who only washes her hair like every 3 days. Gross right? But seriously, would you wanna spend 2 hours a day at least trying to calm it down?! I very rarely brush it and I never wear it up, so I like to hope I can get away with it! It's just ridiculously thick and a nightmare! I definitely look like Tina Turner in the morning! Tonight is hairwash night! BLEURGH. Do you hate washing your hair? Or am I the only perculiar girl?

Last night, Matt said to me out of the blue that he didn't think he could ever marry me because I don't like Sunday Roast! He has always known this about me, but something must have been on the TV and he was like "Oh, but I always imagined my wife to cook me Sunday Roast." Well my little bum, unfortunately that ain't gonna happen! And on that note, I'm off to make a curry! That'll have to do!

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