One Hundred and Five

Dress: Boutique.

Oh how my life is complete once again! I thoroughly LOVED seeing my little Laura this weekend. As she pulled into our street, I literally raced out to see her... and even felt like welling up (what a sausage!) We had an awesome weekend, filled with plenty of food and endless cups of tea. She's definitely my true tea friend! And thankfully, the teapot cake went down a treat! The hard work paid off! Once she had overcome the excitement of the fact the WHOLE cake was for her, we set about getting ready for a few beverages! Met up with my cupcake partner, Chrissy where we spent the evening busting the moves to the live band in a bar. I don't think my feet knew what they were capable of.. Guess they call me shaking Shakira for a reason!

Of course, considering we're Kettering girls at heart, we couldn't leave without chips & cheese. Yes chips & cheese. NOT cheesy chips. I find myself having constant arguments with the Southerners about this debate! Anyway, today we mooched around, watching DVD's and literally eating the whole house of all it's food! And of course, tea! I felt so sad when she left tonight, even though I'm seeing her next weekend! What a big softie I am! It's time I started to man up...

Now I'm nestled into my usual spot of the sofa (we always give it to guests, so as soon as they leave it's a race between Matt and myself to see who can get there first!) and I plan to stay here for a few hours. Actually that's a lie, I think I'll be retreating to bed VERY soon! Especially after my stupid crazy dreams last night! I must learn NOT to eat cheese before bed.

This is going to be tricky...

One Hundred and Six

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