One Hundred and Eight

Jumper: Topshop. Long Vest: Topshop. Boots: Primark.

I'm not usually one for tight jumpers over long vests with leggings.. But today I decided to pop on this jumper with the vest and, the pain of my life, the tights! I'd like to hope it doesn't look half bad. I hate seeing girls with leggings on and just a tee that doesn't manage to cover there ass (I say this I'm now slobbing in leggings with a tee showing my ass!) so I was a little wary wearing this.. But thankfully the extra long vest managed to work as a skirt today! Hooray! I loved this jumper when I picked it up many moons ago, so I don't know why I stopped wearing it? Maybe because I'm all for the baggy knits (hello hiding the winter stomach!). 

On that note, I told myself last night it's really time that I started to eat better, attempt exercise and stop being such a fat bum. I read something online, and it made me answer some questions, which turned out that I eat for company. Totally true. Like tonight for instance, I've come home from work (already eaten bear in mind) and I look straight in the fridge. I debate cooking myself a dinner. ANOTHER dinner! Seriously? I just can't stop.. and one of these days I will have to stop, because I can't get out the frigging door! Hmm. Maybe I'll start tomorrow? Or the next day!

Now I MUST go, and find some food, tickle my tastebuds with orange hot chocolate and let my heart excite with Gossip Girls new season! YES. Ed Westwick back into my life. Hooray. Thanks Matt, you can leave the building for a few months now. I'll take you back when the season finishes! LOL

One Hundred and Nine

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