Ninety Seven

Cape: Japan. Leggings: Miss Selfridges. Tee: Zara. Slippers: Matalan. Hairband: A-Wear.

The quiet after the storm today...And finally time to chill out after our nearly finished week off! After 6 big breakfasts, endless cups of coffee, runs to the train station, and copious amounts of washing up/hoovering and tidying, we're finally back to normality! With 10 crazy cats from all over the country coming to visit for a night on the tiles.. things were bound to be messy! Although, I haven't been well for the past few weeks, so I had to be the sober boring one! And trust me, queuing for a club where everyone was pushing and shoving and shouting didn't really end well, with me in tears leaving the queue, only for the bouncer to let me in on the side because he felt sorry for me! Thanks! Honestly though, I don't know whether it's just age, but for a few year's I always seem to struggle with people in my own space. And then last night really tipped it. Maybe because I had zero energy to push and shove back, I'm not sure, but I just wanted to get out of there.. grab my slippers and head home! 

However, I carried on through the night because I wanted everyone to have a good night.. and I think they all did.. everyone was pretttttty hungover today! Fun times! It was amazing to see everyone to, and a little weird at first. Especially seeing everyone so dressed up, considering we were so used to each other in hoodies/ trackies and beanies! But nonetheless, everyone looked gorgeous! And let's hope it's not forever till we see them again!

And so, tonight myself and Matt are currently curled up on the sofa (there's a first!) with the ice cream by our sides, and this is where we plan to stay for the evening! And you know what? I reckon we'll do exactly the same tomorrow! Will someone pass us the duvet please?

Ninety Eight

Ninety Six