Eighty Eight

Dress: Nikka. Boots: Primark. 

Today, I really enjoyed going home for a family BBQ. Partly because I got to see my gorgeous cousin, Charlotte, too after 3 months. But also just because i'd missed my family! As always, lots of fun! I had made some cupcakes too, that I took with me, so they were all excited to eat them and try them out! Winner.

Then my two cousins agreed to wash my car for money. I was so up for that.. I'm really disgusting and haven't probably cleaned my car out for two years. True story. The best part was when my cousin got some gloves on and said "I really need these!" He's 8! That's how bad my car is. Or should I say was... They genuinely did such an amazing job that I feel like I have a brand new car. I didn't even know I had car mats! Pah!

We also had some right giggles on the trampoline, literally like 5 of us adults and the two boys bouncing up and down. It was hilarious.. especially when Charlotte kept freaking out thinking it was going to break! Then to end the night in style, we hopped on the skateboards and boy's bikes and headed down the street for races. Funny how it actually fitted me right!

What's more scary  is that my 8year old cousin.. is nearly as tall as me! And this is why I'm wearing heels lately! Eek! Oh how they grow so fast! But it's also lovely to have them back close to us again. Well, I say that and now I've moved away!

Obviously I wore my new trusty blazer. I literally haven't taken it off! Plus I looked super stylish when I pulled up at the petrol station with my dress and my funky trainers. Possibly not a good look! And in the photo's I don't own HUGE feet, these are Matt's shoes!

Time for bed now. It's been a loooong day!

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