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Today Naina will be talking about... Take a turn for the trendy!

Dsquared2. Band of Outsiders. Dries Van Noten.

Fashion is something that normally centers around women. Clothing, shoes, accessories; in this whirlwind of material goodness, it is often forgotten that there are options geared towards men as well. Designers create lines specifically for the male taste: some of these lines were only for men to start with, and some have developed out of brands that were originally for females. Either way, there is plenty out there for everyone.

However, while women get caught up in the selection offered to them, men sometimes turn away from the flow of ‘still feminine’ clothing. Designers have to be creative in coming up with items for the male species; just jeans and a t-shirt won’t do. This sometimes results in colors too bright, patterns too wacky and bags too bizarre.

Of course, there are those outstanding dudes who will go for it anyway. They are the ones who are super comfortable with their sexuality and aren’t afraid to flaunt blinding hues of magenta or a large tote purse. But for the rest of the male species, a bright pink raincoat or a pair of neon striped pants might as well have a massive, blinking ‘Stay Away’ sign attached at the seams.

Does this make sense? Is it fair that girls can wear outrageous furry/ embellished/ semi-dangerous items of clothing and still be labeled as chic, but if men go for the same affect they run the risk of being labeled as gay? Is it such a crime for a fashionable guy to flaunt a pair of espadrilles? I think not.

One’s sexuality should not be defined based on the clothes he or she wears, and a man in today’s modern world should have every right to wear a pair of tight fitting chinos if he sees it fit (pun intended). Paired with the right level of confidence, a hot-off-the-runway outfit will have more girls swooning than if he donned a simple pair of khakis. It shows that he has an eye for the finer things in life, and that he can appreciate the hard work and creativity that flows into each piece of a collection.

So boys, get out there and get something colorful. Scared? Don’t be. As Nike says: just do it. Then again, they come up with single colored sportswear, so what do they know? 

Thanks to the gorgeous miss Naina!

I always enjoy her posts, and her fashion is pure stylish.. with edgy twists!

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