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Laura studied journalism at uni and writes over at Life as I know it

She is currently travelling around the world, before joining the real world.

And, for those who didn't know is my lovely lady BFF.

So, for me, I am very excited that she returns this month!

Please check out her blog. She reviews fancy dress too!

Today Laura will be talking about... A snippet from my travels.

In June of this year I said goodbye to the amenities of home and began a three month trip around the world. Having only experienced independence at university, where I was just a forty five minute drive from home, it 

was both an exciting yet somewhat daunting prospect being the other side of the globe


However I've come to love the carefree lifestyle of trying new things. At the moment I'm in New Zealand where I recently attempted snowboarding in the mountains of Cardrona. Strapped into a board where you have to roll over less than gracefully in order to stand, I questioned whether or not I'd be able to pick up the skills needed for this adrenaline sport.

Like Bambi on ice I was very wobbly but I listened intently when it came to learning how to balance on my toe and heel edge. I soon began to glide down the first slope managing to change direction, and only on a couple of occasions did the instructor have to run after me when I picked up too much speed. When I told Katy she asked me if I was a falling leafer, which I had to admit I was as I didn't incorporate turns on my way down without hitting the deck. That caused a few bruises the next day let me tell you.It was such a memorable experience and I'd definitely do it again if I get another opportunity. 

It's like the old saying goes 'you should try anything once.'

Thanks to my amazing Laura pakora!

I'm so jealous she got to ride NZ. And cannot WAIT to see her in action!

Have you been travelling lately?

Stay tuned for another guest post tomorrow!

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