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Steph is a journalist from Devon, and blogs over at Dare to Dream.

I met Steph whilst on my third season.

We became inseperable since then, and shared a love of blogging.

And all things owl and knitted.

The only sadness is we can't see each other much, due to distance!

But none the less, check out her blog...

Today, Steph will be talking about... The art of becoming a spinster.

Times is tough guys, times is tough.

Hence I am planning, intricately for my new life as a spinster. Now, not anyone can be a spinster. There are rules.

One must be single for an extended period of time, without hope of any kind of romantic interlude in the near future. You must also adopt a new hobby. My chosen hobby is knitting. Endless knitting. I'm actually getting pretty good now. What with the hoards of babies my friends seem to be popping out (excuse the crudity), I'm having a field day creating tiny weeny booties and socks. These babies don't know how lucky they are to have such a dedicated 'auntie' with nothing better to do than knit their entire childhood wardrobe. I wonder how long I can get away with knitting them Christmas jumpers until it becomes hideously embarrassing for them?

The next rule is that you need a single older sister. You should co-habit with said sister and both incessantly complain about ones single status. And teach said sister how to knit. Single sisters should then consider the purchase of several house cats. To perch on top of chairs and observe the knitting....

It won't then be long until spinsterhood has spiralled into rocking chairs and sideboards, covered in dollies and display china with pictures of the royal family.

I told you times were tough. Perhaps it is time for a spot of internet dating?! GSOH, Must like cats and maybe with a single older brother....

Thanks to the wonderful Stephy!

Here's hoping we all receive Christmas jumpers in the post!

You really must check out her blog.. Her posts are beautifully written.

And a fact: She loves cabbage patches!

Stay tuned for tomorrow's guest post!

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