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Tove is a journalist student, and blogs over at Wordpress

Like many others, Tove blogs about the important things in life.

And has super opinions!

She's also a lovely lady in real life..

And watches re-runs of Gossip Girl with me!

Today, Tove will be talking about.. A day in the life of a Coffee Barista

Wake up.


Make coffee.


Go to work.

Most of my days pretty much follow this boring repetitive regime, which mostly seems to be a drag!

So when my good friend Katy asked me to be a guest blogger, I thought: Why me? All I do is make coffee all day long!

So I am going to tell you about how being a coffee barista can be slightly demanding...

Customers come in all shapes and personalities!

There's the classic DIFFICULT customer, soya, decafe latte. This is the person that is usual just too fussy, too worried to man up and drink real coffee (unless it's a health reason) and just absolutely disgusting as to drink FAKE milk, that smells absolutely revolting and I can imagine tastes even worse!

So I am going to tell you about about how being a coffee barista can be slightly demanding. 

Or even worse, the customer that requests something along the lines of "I'm going to pretend i'm a health freak, watching my weight by having a SKINNY hot chocolate. Followed by a huge serving of cream on top!

The classic BITCH of a customer, is one who orders a coffee, lets say a cappuccino, leaves it 15 minutes, drinks half of it. And then sends it back, DEMANDING a new one because it's cold? I mean WHO does that?

On the bright side of things, I do enjoying making a good coffee and I do take pride of the fact that I can make a pretty decent flat white..

So that is pretty much what I do at the moment, to fill the time before I start university again. 

The free coffee, is however the perk of the job that I absolutely ADORE

However, I would much rather be a nanny like K Fed!

Thanks to the lovely Tove for her post.

Do you make good coffee? What's your day like?

Today I AM off to do some wonderful shopping.

And potter around the lovely park with the Mother, before she returns home!

Hooray for the sunshine!

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