Eighty Nine

Jumper: Primark. Shorts: Primark. Boots: New look. Hair tie: A-Wear. Bag: H&M

I had a lovely day back at work after being off for a week, and it was nice to see the girls. We just spent the day at the park today, and I still cannot stop laughing about the fact we had to run, for what seemed like forever, to get away from the geese! They MUST have been hungry.. To be fair, I was probably laughing more at the fact, that this is what I'm like when I'm hungry! I've also come to realise that soon I shall grow to loathe Jessie J's album.. due to little N asking for it on repeat at the minute! At least it beats HSM!

I cannot deal with this Autumn weather! Especially after being only being known to Summer or a Winter, I forgot how dull Autumn is.. and we've only just begun! Urgh pass me the kettle, my slippers and Californication. This is how I shall spend it till the snow falls..

Oh wait, that's not happening anymore!


Eighty Eight