Ninety Five

Knit: Primark. Top: Topshop. Skirt: Primark. Bag: Primark. Boots: New Look.

I'm basically a walking Primark Ad today! I picked up this knit and skirt yesterday whilst in LDN! I never normally wear jumpers.. nor skirts! I love skirts, but majority of them make my rear look about 5 times the size it actually is (and that is pretty huge considering..!) But I did fall in love with the colour, perfect for Autumn right! And my ass doesnt look THAT huge. I hope anyway! 

So today, Matt and I went to visit my Gran in her little cottage at the farm. Matt had never been before, so it was nice to show him around. He even made some new friends!

I love going to the farm to chase the ducks around too. They literally must hate me, and every time they see my car pull into the driveway, I'm pretty sure they run and hide! On the way home, I always have to try my hardest to keep Matt awake (he's terrible in cars!) So we decided to play a game. We established that I'm too dumb to play 20 questions. My replies are always "Urm maybe, actually i'm not to sure". Plus I once thought bee's never had legs. Yeah! So instead we played shag, marry, kill. Hilarious game! Until he fell asleep just as I pulled into our road! 

Tomorrow, I have two baby showers to bake for! Hopefully things are on the up, and then an evening of burritos! Yum! And preparing ourselves for Friday.. when we have 12 people coming from all over the country (It's OK we know them!) for a HUGE night out! I can tell now that I'll be needing to get the hoover out on Saturday. Or maybe Sunday.. Definitely a bed day Saturday!

Ninety Six

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