Seventy Eight

Feeling like a school boy today.

Not literally.

Actually maybe.

I was pretty excited when I found some decorative toilet roll today whilst shopping.

I know right.

So rock and roll.

Top: Topshop. Shorts: New look. Boots: Primark.

Jacket: New look. Tights: A mystery (they appear not to be mine..!)

Also, on our fun adventure of shopping.

We saw a spider.

Not your average spider.

A BIG spider.

Quite possibly about as big as my foot.


OK. Maybe a  l i t t l e  smaller.

But still pretty big!

Spiders shoes: own.

See! Huge right?

Now I am going to clean the house today.

I've been saying that for the past TWO days!

Really. This time.

And dyeing my hair.

Well attemping.

After making some more aero mint rocky road.


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