Whilst flicking through the channels today, I came across supernanny.Did you think I was talking about me?Anyway, I decided to watch it.After the first 5 minutes I cried.Definitely going to be a teary day!I blame it on the bible bashers who rang my doorbell at silly o'clock this morning!So, once I'd over come my tears I paid attention.. Jo Frost, was looking at how children dress nowadays. She went and met with a 13 year old, who loves to go underage clubbing, works out in her little home gym, wears excess make up and the most revealing clothes.To which she declares that she just wants to look older and grown up. BUT the outfit she was showing ( a cross between a swimming costume, that had the belly showing, and a rara skirt) wasn't really something you would see a 20something lady wearing on a night out.Unless she was a right skank.And wore pedal pushers by day (Chrissy I couldn't help myself!)So why is it, that these teenagers think that by plastering so much make up on and wearing revealing clothes, it'll make them look grown up.Not every grown up dresses like this.And why aren't they just embracing their childhood years?I would LOVE to be a teenager again!Although it may be a little cringeworthy now..But I wouldn't straighten my hair,I would throw on any clothes (and think I looked cool)I wouldn't bother with makeup (still don't)And I'd be more than happy to 'knock' for my friends!Maybe its me getting old now.. Complaining about the generation of nowadays! But I DREAD to think what it'll be like when I have children growing up!And perhaps I should start hanging around with these teenagers. After all I look like one.And they can teach me a thing about makeup and wearing revealing clothes.Because I do neither.But then, maybe I should start being a role model for teenagers?!You DON'T need make up to be a grown up.You can still look pretty and 'hot' without having your boobs and bum out.Your hair doesn't need to be brushed and styled to the max.And a guy WILL like you for who you are. Christ.. I got my fella, face down in sick.Glamorous right?Too much information though!Its a story for a rainy day!So girls.. You'll start acting and looking like a grown up, when you actually are one. Please enjoy your youth.Or I will!Love forever,Kfedland xSent using BlackBerry® from Orange

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