I am slowly falling in love with Jessie J.This is quite a shock for me, to LOVE a certain performer.I 'like' acts.I've just never really been to the point of 'obsessed'.Apart from The Wombats.But.I don't really know what it was that started it.Because I haven't exactly followed her throughout her career.But lately.I just cannot get enough of her!

I'm currently sat watching her set at V Festival live.

(obviously wishing I was there! A different story!)

And I am watching in utter awe.

Considering she has a broken foot (asif you didn't already know!)

She is putting on an awesome performance.

I LOVE her facial expressions.

Partly because I am also known for the faces I pull.

Her hair is absolutely incredible.

And as we know, I too went for the full fringe.

The clothes she wear's for her perfomances are fantastic.

A little to wild for me. But don't hold out.


What a lady. What a performer. What a talent. 

And what a BLOODY good voice she has!

Maybe, I just want to be her instead?

And to help with my utter love at the minute..

I'm booking tickets to see her!

Song of the Moment: Her new single! Who's laughing now! A.Mazing!

Love forever,

Kfedland x

Seventy One

I really want..