I really want..

I am a HUGE fan of boots.

Not Boots shop.

Boots footwear.

I'll even wear boots in the summer.

I don't know if it's from being in the Alps for the past four years, where boots became my best friend.

Or just because they're so beautiful.

Plus, I'm not really that good in heels.

I have literally            fell             in               love

With some boots from River Island.

This is ALSO a shock.


I don't shop there

Boots: River Island.

I'm a little sad that I couldn't just buy them when I saw them.

Partly because I couldn't get it into my head, that I have bills to pay these days!


I'm waiting till next pay day.

Where they will then be joining me in my wardrobe.

Or out of it for approximately a month.

Where, upon buying NEW items.

I ALWAYS tend to hang them OUTSIDE the wardrobe, so I can stare at them.

And remind myself of any new purchases.

These boots will be next!


Song of the Moment: I absolutely ADORE the LoveFilm advert, with the Plain White T's song in the background. It makes the advert so much more enjoyable. So today, I am choosing this song! Mwah.

Love forever,

Kfedland x


Ice cream Cakes!