Fun Pants Weekend

So this weekend I've decided to do not much at all..And what better way to do this, than bring out the fun pants!I LOVE them!

Slouch top: Forever21. Fabulously Fun Pants: Joe Browns

I remember when I fell in love with them via the internet. 

I HAD to have them!

They're oh so roomy.

Trust me, sometimes Matt and myself tend to share a leg each!

What a fun couple!

So this weekend, besides my folks coming to visit, and a spot of cleaning..

I plan to sit on the BIG sofa.

And do nothing.

Watch plenty of crap shows.

And eat lots.

ALSO...We had our first cupcake order today! For a baby shower.

Extremely excited for this!

So obviously, being business like.. We ordered our business cards.

I was forced to have "Company Director on it"

I HONESTLY fought not to.

I lost.

Love forever,

Kfedland x

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