Seventy Three

Today, we FINALLY got internet, after being moved in two months!Although it wasn't exactly the easiest day as some of you would know from Twitter.The man was RUDE,Spoke to me like I was dumb,And thought I was a 16year old SLUT!Just because I had two little girls with me.And he even had the cheek to reply."Didn't think you looked old enough for children".At this point, I had plenty of balls.And so I responded with"Well ACTUALLY I could technically have 3 if I wanted!".After this though, there were arguments, and even tears.That's all I am saying.I think i've told the story to much today.Let's just say, now I have the internet... I'm definitely complaining!I've been feeling a little down in the dumps this week.Not to sure why.Maybe a little lonely, and the fact this is the longest i've been at home.I reckon I just needed a mum hug!Guess every girl does sometimes!And on another note, our business cards arrived for EatCakeLove!We're hopefully setting up a stall at the vintage fair in St Albans mid September.So if your about.. be sure to pop in and buy a yummy cake!Keeping it short and sweet tonight.I've totally just found ALL of Keeping Up With The Kardashians on my BT Vision.RESULT!Love forever,Kfedland x

Seventy Four

Seventy Two