Bargain Beauty

After telling myself that I wasn't allowed to make anymore purchases this month.

I completely went against it.

Maybe I should have limited myself for a week?

Anyway, in the midst of a charity shop.. I found a beautiful bargain.

I'm a sucker for dresses.

This is pretty much all I own.

Because they're easy to 'throw on'.

Pull on some tights.

Put on some boots.

Or wear just bare.

And so, out of the corner of my eye.. I noticed a dress.

Kinda like my other dresses.

Well so Matt said anyway when I showed him.

But I fell in love with the collar.


And at the price, I knew that not only was I happy.

My purse was VERY happy!


Yes £5.

And the beauty is, that no-one else will have this dress!

Dress: Charity shop. Bag: Primark.

It's a little bit big around the chest area.. so either I need to buy a BIG padded bra.

Or I just deal with the 'saggy tits look'.

But oh so worth it for this!

And the biggest best thing about it?

I can eat ALL that I want.

And it doesn't show.

The beauty of free flow dresses!

So now, please pass me the Rocky Road, and let me continue my website development.

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Song of the moment: I heard this on the radio the other day, and instantly took a like to it! I reckon Christina is gonna be HUGE! Her voice is incredible!

Love forever,

Kfedland x

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